Travel is one of life's greatest teachers!

Make the most of it with Trip Scholars

Hi, I'm Erica Forrest and I created Trip Scholars for curious travelers just like you!

You may have found this page after visiting our main website, which is filled with loads of inspiring and useful articles about travel education. You've landed at the Trip Scholars Resource Library. This page is where I host workshops, coaching programs, and classes.

I am a travel education specialist and best selling author dedicated to helping curious people create more meaningful trips. I want to help you travel more and travel better using the LEARN Through Travel Program!

Looking for Your Travel Coach?

Do you have big travel plans? I would love to learn about them! Whether it is your first solo trip, an intergenerational family vacation, or you are creating long term plans to craft a travel lifestyle, there are plenty of things that can make it challenging. Life is busy! If you are looking for some extra support to help you travel, I would be honored to offer guidance, accountability, and encouragement. Read more about travel coaching below and book a free call with me to learn more.

Looking for a Guest Speaker?

Let me educate and inspire your audience with my workshops! I have presented to a variety of organizations and audiences and can tailor presentations to meet your specific needs. I can highlight relevant destinations or the resources you provide. I offer the following workshops:

  • Family Travel Workshop
  • Empty Nesters Taking Flight
  • Heritage Travel: How to Plan Your Own Ancestry Travel
  • Journey Crafting: A Travel Workshop for Young Adults
  • Teen Travel Masterclass
  • Becoming a Backyard Naturalist

Please email me at and let's see how I can serve you and your audience!

What people are saying

I was impressed with how many wonderful resources were shared and appreciated the community that was created in such a short time. Erica has a unique knack for making people feel comfortable and is a natural leader. 


Logistics are one thing, and your guidance in that manner was great, too - but the short exercises you asked us to participate in to determine the whys of embarking on a travel-based adventure really tweaked my approach to planning and pondering on the whats/hows/whens. I think it'll make all the difference.


I really enjoyed your class and think everyone learned a lot ! I liked it the most when you shared personal stories and plan to use your workbook and planning strategy for the future travel.


I loved that we talked a lot about reasons for taking a trip and what we hope to gain from it - that helped me gain focus about trips I'm planning and make the whole process feel clearer and less intimidating. I loved it - thank you so much! 


Available Products

Single Private Coaching Session: Create Your Trip Activity Guide

Interested in getting personalized support for your your next trip so that you can make the most from it? This is for you! 

LEARN Through Travel Private Coaching

Are you ready to enhance your travels beyond the basics of itineraries and packing lists? Together we can discover how travel planning can be transformational for you– helping you grow as a person and as an engaged traveler. 

Live Teen Travel Masterclass

Registration Closed: This Workshop Will Be Offered Again In Fall 2024!

November 15, 2023

6:30-8:00  PM PT | 8:30-10:00 PM CT

Ready to dive into a workshop tailored just for curious teens? Imagine gaining travel skills, sparking inspiration, and mapping out your journey – all in one place. Some people know at a young age that they want to travel– both to see the world and to better understand themselves. If that's how you feel, then this workshop was made for you!

Family Travel Workshop

Registration Closed: This Workshop Will Be Offered In Summer 2024

January 17, 2024

6:30-8:00  PM PT | 8:30-10:00 PM CT

You know travel is one of life’s most powerful teachers! And you want your family to get as much out of your trips as possible. You also know that travel deepens bonds and creates powerful lifetime memories for your family.

This unique workshop provides you with inspiring and actionable activities to make the most of your family trips. We also include lots of tips for saving money and making family travel easier.

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