Single Private Coaching Session: Create Your Trip Activity Guide


Are you excited about an upcoming trip? Are you looking for activities to enjoy on your own or with your travel companions before you leave so you can get the most from your travels?

At Trip Scholars, I provide many resources for travelers to do this on their own. But sometimes we are just too busy to find high quality and enjoyable activities.  If you are a curious traveler with no extra time, I've got you covered!

I'll work with you and over the course of a week we will craft an exciting and engaging months’ long plan for you and your travel companions.

We meet initially for 30 minutes and I learn about your trip, your travel companions, and your lifestyle.

Then I put my expertise and love of researching resources to work for you! I'll create a personal Trip Activity Guide for you to enjoy from home. Yours will be unique but may include movies, podcasts, music, games, art projects, cooking activities, online classes, virtual tours, local events, gift ideas, and much more! 

A week later, we meet again to go over your Trip Activity Guide. You will leave with an actionable, joy-filled outline and the ability to keep going on your own!


Most clients start with a free 15 minute discovery call, so drop me a line today by emailing me at Do you already know that this is what you want? Just click the Book Now button to purchase and I'll be in touch soon to schedule our meetings.


I’ve been inspiring others to learn more about the world and themselves for over thirty years and I would be honored to work with you! 

I am a travel education specialist and best selling author dedicated to helping curious people create more meaningful trips.

I know that travel is one of life's greatest teachers! I have blended my broad background and deep love of traveling with decades of experience in education to create my signature LEARN Through Travel Program. In it, I've combined extensive research and inspiring stories to help curious people discover what they can do before, during, and after travel to bring more meaning, connection, and understanding to both their journeys, and their lives. I am also an expert in travel planning, and I share tips and travel skills that will empower you to master these valuable abilities for yourself.

It is always an honor to support people as they work towards their travel goals. I am a certified travel education coach and travel advisor. I use my background as a school director, public school teacher, homeschool parent, and creative problem solving coach to create engaging and actionable classes, workshops, and coaching programs to help curious, busy people get the most out of their travels. 

I would love to work with you to help you make your travel dreams come true!

Because we are talking about travel and your dreams, you can be sure it will be fun and inspiring. You will leave each session with goals, a plan to reach them, and the excitement to make it all happen!

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