Live Teen Travel Masterclass

Travel isn't just a journey; it is one of life's greatest teachers!  

This live workshop not only teaches you to how to travel, but how to travel with purpose and depth. And because it's live, we ensure that we can answer some of your specific questions and concerns in real time.

Introducing the LEARN Through Travel Program – your passport to becoming a skilled and engaged traveler. You'll learn how to travel thoughtfully, in alignment with your values, and stay safe-- all while making memories that last a lifetime.

We're not just about the journey – we're about making it count. From planning before you go, to fully immersing yourself in the experience, and cherishing the moments afterward, we've got you covered. By the endow the workshop, you'll have the beginning of an action plan ready for your next adventure, whether it's around the corner or across the globe.

We dig into the "why"  behind our travel dreams and how we can use this understanding to have better trips and a deeper understanding of ourselves. We find ways to learn more about our destinations based on our interests and lifestyles. We include lots of tips for overcoming the biggest challenges in travel-- including money saving tips and useful travel skills. And we even talk about staying present while traveling and what to do with all those memories once we come home.

This live workshop is best for those 13-18 or older teens who are newer to traveling. 

We cover a lot in an hour and a half! But don't worry, you will also receive a downloadable workbook that you can continue using long into the future. You can also watch the replay over the following week.  

Although the workshop is for teens, parents need to do the sign up (unless the teen is 18 or older).

I can't wait to help you make your travel dreams come true!

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